Bibliographic Search Services 

Several ODINAFRICA Marine Information Centres are currently input centres for the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) database. These include the: Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute –KMFRI (Kenya), Centre de Recherches Oceanologiques – CRO (Côte d'Ivoire), Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer - INSTM (Tunisia), Direction des Peches Maritimes - DPM (Senegal), National Marine Information and Research Centre - NatMIRC (Namibia), Instituto Nacional de Hidrografia e Navegação - INAHINA (Mozambique), Institute of Marine Sciences - IMS (Tanzania), National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries - NIOF(Egypt), and the Institut Mauritanien de Recherches Océanographiques et des Pêches - IMROP (Mauritania).

Document Request/Delivery Services

Document delivery was one of core services at the start of the project. Through a network of document suppliers’ worldwide, the project is able to access documents requested by users. The Limburgs Universitair Centrum (now called University of Hasselt) was the main document supplier and coordinated access to documents from other libraries. With the links developed with the member libraries of the International Association of Marine Science Libraries and Information Centres (IAMSLIC), the experts and institutions were gradually able to source documents directly from other marine institution’s libraries worldwide. A similar service was also available through the ASFA mailing list.

Literature Catalogues 

ODINAFRICA aims at making library materials of the marine science libraries in Africa accessible locally through the creation of a collective catalogue of co-operating institutes’ library holdings. The databases were initially developed using the INMAGIC software. This was later converted to AgriOcean/DSpace and ABCD.The national catalogues were merged into a union catalogue and accessed online briefly.

ODINAFRICA also supported the development of an African Union list of Journals from information centers. The list, which currently has nearly 800 serial holdings, can be accessed through the IAMSLIC website:
ODINAFRICA also initiated the development of a Catalogue of Aquatic and Fisheries Publications from/about Africa, with more than 6000 records.

Document Repositories

The institutions participating in ODINAFRICA have participated in the development of a database of publications about marine and freshwater science in Africa (OceanDocs-Africa). The repository now has more than 1,800 records from Africa. These publications include books, journal articles, technical reports, theses, etc. The African records in the repository can be accessed at