Madagascar has created in 2013 a new Oceanographic Research station on its south east coast. To fill the gap in this hidden part of the island, in terms of biological, marine environment and fisheries information, both nationally for Madagascar and for the border Western Indian Region, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research create a new oceanographic research station.

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Dear followers, we are inviting you to submit an article to the ODINAFRICA newsletter WINDOW. Contributions should not exceed the word limit of 750 words. Deadline for submissions is 10 April 2015.

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Accidents with artisanal fisherman are common along the cost of Mozambique, despite the availability of the forecast information that would be combined with the traditional knowledge of the fisherman on sea state. That led to question the effectiveness of the weather forecast and of the forecast information dissemination for localized needs as for artisanal fishermen.

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Depuis plusieurs années, nous constatons des échouages permanents sur les plages et le comportement des riveraines vis-à-vis de ces espèces a considérablement changé. Une action sous-régionale soutenue doit être mis en œuvre parce que ce sont des espèces partagées entre plusieurs pays. Plusieurs observations ont été faites lors des différentes campagnes océanographiques. 

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Upwelling is an oceanographic phenomenon that involves wind-driven motion of dense, cooler, and usually nutrient-rich water towards the ocean surface, replacing the warmer, and more often than not, nutrient-depleted surface water.

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