OceanExpert is a product developed in 1997 under the auspices of the IODE Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (GE-MIM). OceanExpert is a free product but can be used only for non-profit purposes.

It is intended to be a tool for scientists, policy makers and anyone who needs to contact a marine or freshwater professional in Africa.

Visit the search website here.

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Looking for an institution from our network in a particular country?

A comprehensive list of African institutions dealing with marine research can be found on this map.

Please click on one of the dots on the map for further contact information of each of the institutions.

Zoom in and out by using the mouse scroll.

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The IOCAFRICA interface permits users to search experts, institutions or publications in our database.

The librarians of the ODINAFRICA institutions have collected information on marine and freshwater professionals and institutions in their countries for inclusion in the Global Directory of Marine and Freshwater Professional. The information includes addresses, fields…

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