It is that time fo the year again! Yes, the local plastics industry will once again demonstrate its commitment to cleaning up the environment with the annual Clean-up and Recycle SA Week taking place from 16 to 21 September 2019.

This year, various events will take place all over South Africa to clean-up beaches and neighborhoods. According to the Department of Environmental Affairs, close to 120 000 volunteers participate in these clean-up activities that take place along roadsides, rivers, schools, residential and illegal dumping areas each year, and hopefully this year won’t be any different. 

Important Dates: 


Recycling Day will take place on 20 September, and International Coastal Clean-up Day (ICC) on 21 September. World Clean-up Day also falls on 21 September.

International Coastal Clean-up Day (ICC) in South Africa


Participation in the International Coastal Clean-up Day is said to be one of the highlights of Clean-up and Recycle SA week, as it is the world’s biggest annual volunteer effort for ocean health that sees thousands of people flock to beaches to pick up and remove litter found in the marine environment.

Plastics SA urges coastal communities around South Africa to take part in beach clean-ups and environmental rehabilitations to remove litter and pollution from these areas.


The organisation said:

“The coastline is a vital environment that is prone to litter. Floating refuse can get washed down rivers and be brought in from ocean currents.”

Plastics SA sustainability director Douw Steyn also said that Plastics SA will celebrate Clean-up and Recycle SA Week with numerous litter collection campaigns and ocean clean-ups.