Elsevier is pleased to support World Oceans Day, promoting prevention of plastic ocean pollution. June 8 is recognized by the United Nations as a global day of ocean celebration. Read our World Oceans Day 2016 feature on Elsevier Connect for more information.

To mark World Oceans Day 2016, a number of novel and interesting research studies within the theme ‘healthy oceans, healthy planet’ have been selected by Elsevier’s journal editors and made free to access on ScienceDirect*. These studies cover the monitoring, policy and impact of litter and pollutants on marine wildlife, fishing grounds and the world’s oceans at large. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Plastic mistaken for prey by a colony-breeding Eleonora's falcon (Falco eleonorae) in the Mediterranean Sea, revealed by camera-trap 

Marine Pollution Bulletin Volume 106, Issues 1–2, 15 May 2016, Pages 200–201

Ronny Steen, Cathrine S. Torjussen, Dean W. Jones, Thodoris Tsimpidis, Anastasia Miliou

The geological cycle of plastics and their use as a stratigraphic indicator of the Anthropocene 

Anthropocene, Available online 18 January 2016

Jan Zalasiewicz, Colin N. Waters, Juliana A. Ivar do Sul, Patricia L. Corcoran, Anthony D. Barnosky, Alejandro Cearreta, Matt Edgeworth, Agnieszka Ga?uszka, Catherine Jeandel, Reinhold Leinfelder, J.R. McNeill, Will Steffen, Colin Summerhayes, Michael Wagreich, Mark Williams, Alexander P. Wolfe, Yasmin Yonan

Using expert elicitation to estimate the impacts of plastic pollution on marine wildlife 

Marine Policy, Volume 65, March 2016, Pages 107–114

Chris Wilcox, Nicholas J Mallos, George H Leonard, Alba Rodriguez, Britta Denise Hardesty

Novel methods, new results and science-based solutions to tackle marine debris impacts on wildlife 

Ocean & Coastal Management, Volume 115, October 2015, Pages 4-9 

Britta Denise Hardesty, Thomas P. Good

Plastic waste in the marine environment: A review of sources, occurrence and effects

Science of The Total Environment, Volumes 566–567, 1 October 2016, Pages 333–349

W.C. Li, H.F. Tse, L. Fok

A comparison of microscopic and spectroscopic identification methods for analysis of microplastics in environmental samples 

Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 93, Issues 1-2, 15 April 2015, Pages 202-209. 

Young Kyoung Song, Sang Hee Hong, Mi Jang, Gi Myung Han, Manviri Rani, Jongmyoung Lee, Won Joon Shim

Selectivity of flesh-footed shearwaters for plastic colour: Evidence for differential provisioning in adults and fledglings 

Marine Environmental Research, Volume 113, February 2016, Pages 1-6

Jennifer L. Lavers, Alexander L. Bond

Organic pollutants and ocean fronts across the Atlantic Ocean: A review 

Progress in Oceanography, Volume 128, November 2014, Pages 172-184

Rainer Lohmann, Igor M. Belkin

Modelling accumulation of marine plastics in the coastal zone; what are the dominant physical processes? 

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, Volume 171, 20 March 2016, Pages 111-122 

Kay Critchell, Jonathan Lambrechts

Spatial and temporal analysis of litter in the Celtic Sea from Groundfish Survey data: Lessons for monitoring 

Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 103, Issues 1-2, 15 February 2016, Pages 195-205 

M. Moriarty, D. Pedreschi, D. Stokes, L. Dransfeld, D. G. Reid

(Nano)plastics in the environment – Sources, fates and effects

Science of The Total Environment, Volumes 566–567, 1 October 2016, Pages 15–26

João Pinto da Costa, Patrícia S.M. Santos, Armando C. Duarte, Teresa Rocha-Santos

The role of social marketing, marine turtles and sustainable tourism in reducing plastic pollution  

Marine Pollution Bulletin, Available online 3 April 2016

Lynne Eagle, Mark Hamann, David R. Low

Economic instruments and marine litter control

Ocean & Coastal Management, Volume 102, Part A, December 2014, Pages 47-54

Frans Oosterhuis, Elissaios Papyrakis, Benjamin Boteler

Regional approach to modeling the transport of floating plastic debris in the Adriatic Sea

Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 103, Issues 1-2, 15 February 2016, Pages 115-127 

S. Liubartseva, G. Coppini, R. Lecci, S. Creti

Modelling the fate of marine debris along a complex shoreline: Lessons from the Great Barrier Reef

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, Volume 167, Part B, 20 December 2015, Pages 414-426 

K. Critchell, A. Grech, J. Schlaefer, F.P. Andutta, J. Lambrechts, E. Wolanski, M. Hamann

Marine litter on the floor of deep submarine canyons of the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea: The role of hydrodynamic processes 

Progress in Oceanography, Volume 134, May 2015, Pages 379-403

Xavier Tubau, Miquel Canals, Galderic Lastras, Xavier Rayo, Jesus Rivera, David Amblas

Transport of persistent organic pollutants by microplastics in estuarine conditions 

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, Volume 140, 1 March 2014, Pages 14-21 

Adil Bakir, Steven J. Rowland, Richard C. Thompson

A Canadian policy framework to mitigate plastic marine pollution

Marine Policy, Volume 68, Pages 117-122.

Shauna Pettipas, Meagan Bernier, Tony R Walker

Microplastics in mussels along the coastal waters of China

Environmental pollution, Volume 214, July 2016, Pages 177–184

Jiana Li, Xiaoyun Qu, Lei Su, Weiwei Zhang, Dongqi Yang , Prabhu Kolandhasamy , Daoji Li, Huahong Shi

Microplastics in sediments: A review of techniques, occurrence and effects 

Marine Environmental Research, Volume 111, October 2015, Pages 5-17

Lisbeth Van Cauwenberghe, Lisa Devriese, François Galgani, Johan Robbens, Colin R. Janssen