Stakeholders in Coast region have developed guidelines for the restoration of destroyed coral reefs, starting with the fishing village of Wasini in Kwale County.

The guidelines involve awareness creation, training, identification of degraded reefs, a baseline survey of the targeted areas and construction of nursery beds.


Others are translocation of coral fragments from donor to nursery beds, transplanting nursery-grown corals onto degraded areas and regular monitoring. 

The National Coral Reef Restoration Protocol (NCRRP) is expected to provide information on replacing dead coral reefs and adversely affected fish breeding grounds along the coastline. 

Kenya becomes second country in the eastern Africa region after Seychelles to embark on restoring destroyed coral reefs as part of efforts to promote fishing and tourism. 


The coral reefs are reportedly under siege from a number of environmental pressures, including climate change, bleaching, over-exploitation, poor fishing methods and coral diseases.