An Indian investor has accused the county government of blocking the construction of a Sh60 million hotel at the Kilifi creek.

The site of the controversial project which is currently stalled in Kilifi town On December 20 2017. An Indian Investor claims the county government is frustrating him after he was banned from constructing the project worth Sh. 60 Million./ALPHONCE GARI

Shahzid Yusuf alleged the county government has frustrated him despite his getting approvals from Nema, the National Construction Authority and National Land Commission.

The project is on 3/8 of an acre. It is situated on a controversial site on the Kilifi creek and extends to the shores of the ocean.

Yusuf had excavated sand before construction begun.

He wanted to build to a hotel, conference hall, showroom and bedsitters.

Yusuf said he had spent more than Sh5 million on excavation before he was ordered to stop.

“The county government is frustrating me. They say I cannot proceed with construction. I took loans to implement the project and the banks are now on my neck,” he said.

County officials denied they are frustrating Yusuf.

They said Yusuf lost three court battles against the county government.

Authorities said they want to ensure the project meets all legal and environmental requirements to ensure residents’ safety.

Charles Dadu, the Lands executive, said the investors failed to meet the conditions required by the NCA.

He said Yusuf rushed to court after the project was stopped instead of pursuing the matter with the NCA.

Dadu said Yusuf was to conduct a full Environmental Impact Assessment.

“It emerged the project didn’t undergo the full study. The NLC claimed the project was on the shores of the ocean and located at a public beach,” he said.

Dadu said the county government was not opposed to investments, but the projects should not pose a threat to ecological zones. “Options are there but people need to sit and agree and engage all offices,” he said.

Dadu alleged county officials told him to meet Governor Amason Kingi if he wanted the project go through.