These five days course on the Application of Geographical Information System(GIS) on marine and coastal field was attended by 33 participants from  13 French speaking African countries such as Benin, Cameroon, Congo, DR Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Guinea, Morocco, Madagascar, Mauritania, Senegal, Togo and Tunisia and took place from 16th  to 20th  January 2017 in ISRA, Dakar,  Senegal within the framework of  IOC/IODE/ Ocean Teacher Global Academy (OTGA).  

Group Photo - Course Opening Session 

The course started with  the opening ceremony by the Scientif ic Director of ISRA  and attended by the representative  of  IOC  national focal point , the Ministry of Marine Fishery and  Maritime Economy  ( MPEM)as well  as  representatives  of  keys  marine institutions.

Participants were scientists, data managers from NODCs  and marine and  coastal institutions as well as  Master and PH-D students in  marine related  disciplines . The lecturers were from Senegal (OTGA- Candidate- RTC-Staff) and Tunisia ( INTSM) and Madagascar ( IHSM).

This course which has been conducted in French provided an  introduction of the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and analyses to the marine environment using of open source software such as SAGA, ODVmp, Arc Explorer, HDF View and GEBCO on the one hand and resources (data) from several sources: World Ocean Data 2013 (WOD13) , World Ocean Atlas 2009 (WOA09), NOAA NVODS COADS, NGDC, eWOCE, Nationale, etc.

Training room (ISRA, Dakar, Senegal)

The objectives of the training were:

  • Provide an introduction of GIS for marine applications;
  • Focus on commonly used marine and coastal data sets;
  • Show the many potential applications of GIS in coastal and marine environnment.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Knowledge and understanding of GIS, spatial data, raster and vector models
  • Core tasks involved in the GIS analysis process including data acquisition, management, manipulation and analysis, and presentation and output
  • Creating and editing spatial data
  • Appreciation of coastal and marine GIS data applications

Practical exercises have been done by the trainees a long the workshop.
To compile with the principle  of IOC/IODE/ OTGA  course,  the main resources of the course  are  available online at OTGA  online platform.