More than 200 countries signed a U.N. resolution in Nairobi on Wednesday to eliminate plastic pollution in the sea, a move some delegates hoped would pave the way to a legally binding treaty.

If current pollution rates continue, there will be more plastic in the sea than…

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Environment ministers from across the world on Saturday welcomed Kenya’s plastic bag ban.

A heap of discarded plastic bags on a street of Nakuru town on August 28, 2017. Use of plastic bags have been banned in Kenya. Photo/AMOS KERICH

National Environment Management Authority director general Geoffrey Wahungu…

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As its human handlers step aside, Kenzo struggles out of the harness, pushes hard with its flippers on the sand, and slides into small waves specked with bits of plastic trash.

Growing mounds of plastic in the oceans and on beaches are often fatal for sea turtles ©…

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Representing the European Union at the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) this week is a huge honour. An even bigger honour is to be part of this global effort to beat pollution.

A photo showing plastic waste floating off the coast of Roatan, Honduras on September 7, 2017. PHOTO…

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They sport a range of physical adaptations for life at sea, including a flattened oar-like tail for paddling and the abilities to smell underwater, hold their breath for hours and go for months without a drink.

The yellow-bellied sea snake has the broadest distribution of any snake or…

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Seacom is mulling the idea of building a new, high-capacity subsea telecommunications cable, either along the east coast of Africa, where it already operates a system, or along the west coast. CEO Byron Clatterbuck emphasised that no decisions have been taken.

Seacom CEO Byron Clatterbuck

Clatterbuck said there…

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