Major retailers and municipalities are disavowing plastic straws, but they play a relatively minor role in plastics pollution.

A father and son paddle through a garbage-filled river as they collect plastic bottles that they can sell in junkshops. Photo: Noah Cellis/Stringer

Why it matters: If all plastic straws…

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From tragic stories of marine life killed by ocean plastic pollution to corporate pledges to ditch plastic, the crusade against plastic pollution has placed a lot of focus on straws, but is it possible there’s a better use for that activism? Yes, of course there is.

Straws aren’t…

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Beyond simply piling up along the coast, discarded plastics that end up in the ocean could also be a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, according to a study by a Canadian-led team of researchers from the University of Hawaii.

Some 90 per cent of the debris discovered…

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Stakeholders in Coast region have developed guidelines for the restoration of destroyed coral reefs, starting with the fishing village of Wasini in Kwale County.

The guidelines involve awareness creation, training, identification of degraded reefs, a baseline survey of the targeted areas and construction of nursery beds.


Others are…

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Fisheries is undoubtedly the lifeline of the coast’s economy and a source of livelihood for thousands. It is also an important pillar of the national economy as it earns the national coffers billions a year.

Coral reefs are the breeding grounds for fish. When they are destroyed, the…

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There has been a national conversation about the future of PET bottles (disposable plastic bottles) in light of their devastating effects on the environment.

Used plastic bottles in the Indian Ocean at the berth port of Mombasa. Concrete action is needed on single use plastic bottles

Polyethylene terephthalate…

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