Representing the European Union at the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) this week is a huge honour. An even bigger honour is to be part of this global effort to beat pollution.

A photo showing plastic waste floating off the coast of Roatan, Honduras on September 7, 2017. PHOTO…

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They sport a range of physical adaptations for life at sea, including a flattened oar-like tail for paddling and the abilities to smell underwater, hold their breath for hours and go for months without a drink.

The yellow-bellied sea snake has the broadest distribution of any snake or…

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Seacom is mulling the idea of building a new, high-capacity subsea telecommunications cable, either along the east coast of Africa, where it already operates a system, or along the west coast. CEO Byron Clatterbuck emphasised that no decisions have been taken.

Seacom CEO Byron Clatterbuck

Clatterbuck said there…

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West Africa’s artisanal fishing fleet has grown in size and engine power to the point where it now dwarfs the region’s industrial fleet.

In West Africa, millions of fishers—both industrial and artisanal—are competing for a slice of the catch. Photo by Sabena Jane Blackbird/Alamy Stock Photo

Yet despite…

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Dene Moore sums up all 50 innovations across a wide range of industries such as technology, financial services, education, resources, clean tech and consumer products. It’s a collection of eclectic, impressive and promising people and things. We’ve listed the innovations in alphabetical order and had a tough time…

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Latest reports indicate that life is quickly changing for residents of Beira City, the second-largest city in Mozambique, as their houses and businesses continue to slowly sink into the Indian Ocean.

Part of Beira City in Mozambique. Photo credit: Yahoo News

Businesses, homes and farms near the ocean…

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