Early in December 2012, a South Korean vessel called the Premier entered the Indian Ocean to fish. In West Africa, authorities knew that the boat had been fishing illegally in Liberian waters before it made its way to Africa's other coast. That raised the ire of East African…

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A couple of weeks ago, there was a hand drawn, animated short-video about the fascination of oceans and the problems they are facing.

Now there is also a German and a French version available:

French | German | English

It has a Creative Commons license and can be used and shared for free in any way.

You can download the English version here: Click To Download

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A new movie "THE ODYSSEY" has been released on Ocean Health and Conservation, directed by Jérôme Salle. The movie is a biopic of Commandant Cousteau’s most productive years and tells the story of how he went from being an explorer to an environmental activist concerned about the health…

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National Marine Week is celebrated every year during the second week of October to create awareness and educate all South Africans about their responsibility within the coastal environment.The theme of 2016’s National Marine Week  is, “Our ocean, our future” and after a year of headlines featuring multiple selfish…

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 2nd International Conference on Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning. Closing date for applications is 3 February 2017. The conference is free of charge.…

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The next time someone asks you where the biggest ocean is, point them toward Jupiter. While Earth harbours about 320 million cubic miles (1,333 cubic km) of water, our planet is practically a desert compared to the rest of the Solar System.

A moon of Jupiter called Europa,…

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