With its vast coastline and high levels of organised crime, treaty negotiations must include Africa’s priorities. By Agnes Ebo’o

First published by ISS Today

The world’s largest crime scene is not in any specific country or region. It is the area known as the “high seas” – those…

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The island's tortoises are being affected as well by eating plastic debris, with half a flip-flop found in a pile of dung.

Endangered turtle tangled up in plastic

A huge plastic clean-up operation is being organised on one of the most important turtle nesting islands in the Indian…

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After identifying almost 400 species on plastic retrieved from US waters, experts say the alien invaders may have diseases harmful to humans or threaten existing animals

Harmful creatures are now known to be travelling across oceans, using plastic as rafts

JUNK plastic in the ocean is serving as…

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The plastics industry has a new billion-dollar campaign to get plastic trash out of the ocean and to reduce the estimated 8 million tons that are dumped in the sea each year. In Congress, two U.S. senators are working on a bill to enhance that campaign.


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Green Up Gambia and The Gambia Ocean Heroes, Saturday conducted a day-long cleaning exercise at the Banjul beach, targeted to keep the beach environment clean and healthy.

Ousainou Colley, Green Up Gambia programme officer said people are not giving much attention to the protection and development of the…

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It was 6pm when an unusual rainbow-coloured boat, made of recycled plastic waste and discarded flip-flops gathered from beaches and roadsides, dropped anchor off the beach at Mtwapa, near Kenya's coastal city of Mombasa.

The Flipflopi, a dhow built of recycled plastic and discarded flipflops, approaches Mtwapa beach…

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