The World Organization of the Scout Movement has teamed up with UN Environment to create a new movement against plastic pollution ahead of this year’s World Oceans Day.

Sixty countries have already signed up to the initiative, covering 60 per cent of the world’s coastlines/UN Environment

The partnership…

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We all know that plastic pollution is a major problem. How major? 

Well, according to a report by the World Wide Fund for Nature a third of all plastic waste will end up as pollution, and, if we don’t do something about it fast, this could lead…

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PLASTIC IS everywhere. It is not merely that the material, rarely used in consumer products before 1950, has become ubiquitous in the homes, cars and offices Americans inhabit. Scientists using remotely operated submersibles announced last month that they had found plastic microparticles in the deep ocean off California’s…

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Cape Town – Two Oceans Aquarium has challenged all schools to get rid of plastic bags for good.


The aquarium launched its Plastic Free July campaign in response to the issue of plastic pollution, which it said had become pervasive in oceans, and which was responsible for the…

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The prospect of a fully sustainable Blue Economy for Africa gathered significant momentum following the second Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF2019) held in Tunisia’s capital city earlier this week.

Fishing, aquaculture, shipping, ports, energy and finance industries all came under the spotlight at ABEF2019, which drew in all…

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Nine coastlines have been identified as the places in the Mediterranean most polluted with plastic, a report says.

Plastic bottles are a huge source of marine pollution

They include top tourist spots such as Barcelona, Marseilles, Tel-Aviv and the Venice coast near the Po river.

The report by…

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